Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eagle Feather

The Horses came through the North Gate last night. We caught them nibbling at the newly planted strawberries. Chased em out of the yard with a stick. Yelling and screaming, 'YAH!'.

They were back when we woke up this morning. The people I'm caregiving for are too old and frail to be chasing horses around the pasture. So they fire a round off to drive em away when they show up. They gave me the gun to help get them back into the North pasture. Horses can be stubborn.

Out into the wet and cold with snow falling now I walked into the pasture with the gun up. Horses know what a gun is. I pop off a round to get their attention. They start to trot off in the wrong direction. Hmmph...

Then Chikala, a little fuzzy dog the owners have showed up. Usually shes quiet the annoying little barker and trouble maker. Now, suddenly, she's a sheppard dog. She sweeps wide and comes around to the proper driving side and, wallah. The horses are moving towards the gate. It looks like they might go through but move on past it.

Lots of walking to follow and come around again. This time I settle myself. Go inward and relax. Chikala sweeps around again. Wow. I'm impressed she really has the instinct. The little black mop streaks through the wet meadow like a fuzzy zigging bullet. Hmmm... I put the gun away.

The horses respond to Chikala again. Only this time I stand still and shouut to the horses once. Their ears pick up and they look towards me amid their trot. Mentally I picture the fence. They respond and sweep through as if guided by unseen reigns. A smile crosses my lips as I approach the open gate. I breathe thanks to the Horses for their cooperation. Then see the comparison in the use of threats vs heartfelt cooperation. Another lesson learned here. More thanks.

The barbed wire gate is a pain to close. But it closes. Job well done and a heartfelt goodbye to the horses. Turning around to leave I'm stopped short by the sight on the ground before me. Atop the grass and wet with the new snow is an Eagle Feather. I hold it up towards the sky giving thanks.

Its going to be a Great Day!!!


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